4- 27th October 2019

Thursday_Sunday 12:00-17:00

Vera Meulendijks is a visual artist based in Tilburg. She graduated in Fine Arts from the AKV St. Joost in Breda (2015). Vera integrates various disciplines in her practice, all graphically oriented. Her work expresses itself in screen prints, Riso prints, photographs, videos and books.  


Her work manifests itself somewhere between recognition and abstraction. It gravitates around the tension between order and disorder, analogue and digital, rhythm and chaos, black and white, recognition and alienation, the large and the small. By using a singular object repetitively, a larger organised entity emerges, creating a new recognisable pattern and realities. Optical illusion is an important part of her process.


Vera is interested in the limitations of the analogue craft and digital technologies and more particularly how to surpass these boundaries. In a digital world in which computers and printers are supposed to strive for perfection and exceed human capacity, she exposes and celebrates imperfections. The flaws or misprints that appear in Vera’s prints become an integral part of her work.


For her solo exhibition at the Babygirl Movement art space, Vera will present a large installation and a video. For this occasion, the visitor will be immersed in a graphical experience, taking over the entirety of the space.                                                                




6 - 24th November 2019 

Thursday_Sunday 12:00-17:00

Risja Marie Henriëtte Steeghs (born in Roermond, in 1991) works and resides in The Netherlands. She has previously lived and worked in Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and recently graduated from an MA Sculpture at The Royal College of Art in London. Risja loves dancing, drawing dreams and making paper hats for friends. Her hair has the same colour as Pippi Longstockings.


Her current practice moves along the lines of sculpture, installation, extended painting, and performance. Focussing on textiles, bedsheets and ceramics as her main materials. Risja explores the bed as an extension of the body or rather a bodily universe, using her artworks as an unfolding series of diaristic documentations. Through the use of performative activations the artist aims to breathe life into her artworks, creating small rites of rebirth which act as an encounter between the artwork and her own body becoming and forming a unity in space.

She is interested in reconstituting at home-ness in public spaces and  art environments. Through her installations and small performative interventions the art space becomes a way to constitute a personal at home-ness for collective breathing and being. 

For her show at Babygirl Movement, she is showing a series of ceramics, small wrapped paintings and big sculptural paintings made out of bedsheets, old clothes and pigments.



24th November 2019 

Sunday 13:00-16:00

After presenting her design at FashionClash Festival and her solo exhibition Pillow Talk at the Babygirl Movement art space, you will have the opportunity to participate in this creative workshop.

An afternoon of DIY costume-making and storytelling. This workshop led by Risja Steeghs will start with costume making with DIY techniques and materials. Anything can become outerwear. After each making our own creations we will end the afternoon with a tea ceremony and a storytelling circle. This workshop functions as a manner of investigating the possibilities of public spaces becoming ground for collective breathing, being and sharing of personal stories.

Max 10 persons, 5 euros // please register at

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