Mami was born in Kobe Japan in 1987. She started dancing when she was 5 years old in Hyogo. In 2005, she joined Homura Tomoi Ballet Company in Japan.

In 2012, she entered a professional dance program at SEAD dance academy in Austria. Meanwhile she was selected to work for the BODHI project. 


Since graduation around summer 2014, she has been working with choreographers and directors such as Anton Lachky Company (Belgium), CieLaroque, Helene Weinzierl (Austria), Needcompany/Jan Lauwers and Grace Ellen Barkey (Belgium), Alexis Blake (US/NL), Sean Rogg & AΦE (UK).

She worked on her very first solo project ‘cotton’ in 2016, produced by GOTRA, co-produced by Musica Sacra Festival, VIA ZUID, supported by fashionclash festival, PAS festival and Limburg Festival. Currently she is working on the experimental performance ‘Blind Walk’.


She develops her project under the master program ‘Performance Public Space’ at Fotys university and applied science in Tilburg.

Mami envisions to create the opportunity for performance to trigger the sensory experience of the body, exploring how we relate the space and object around us and discover the relation between them and our body in space.

She believes that there are so many things we can find that we haven’t discovered yet. What really matters are the little things in our daily life that keep us curious and wondered towards what we don’t know yet. 

Her work is focused on the sense of the relation between the body and space, based on her own experience. Simultaneously her work opens the platform to the public to use their own sensory body which will be the opportunity to experience being in the performance.


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