Thursday 26 April 2018, 14:00

The Performance Bar, Rotterdam


Saturday 21st April, 22:00-02:00

The Basement of the Commons


Saturday 7th April, 19:00

The Student Hotel Maastricht in the auditorium 

Insomnia is a dance piece created by Mami Izumi and Marika Meoli. The performance is inspired by the poem ‘Insomnia’ by Annelinde Dejong. 

The two female dancers explore the attraction and repulsion between two different bodies in order to create the physical tension between them. They draw endless body poetry given by all the elements present in the room, simultaneously finding the point and moment that make the body possible to create the balance in betweenness. 


The dancers will be wearing the pyjamas part of Hélène Klein’s collection ‘Visual Pleasantries’. This creation explores her youth, innocence, unknown sexuality and transformed maturity leading to new experiences. 


The music has been composed by Marc Mâhfoud. Marc attempts to liaise science and sound into an honest fusion of traditional instruments and electronically driven compositions. His collaboration with musicians from the classical conservatory in 2015 and the  philharmonic orchestra of Limburg in 2017 were first attempts to bring together old and new and to connect analogue with the technical.

Even though his idea of sound is perpetually changing, he safeguards the impulse of constant reinvention and critical thinking.  There are endless possibilities to connect ancient, native and tribal teachings with contemporary and futuristic ideas of sound that both help rediscover what seems to be lost and simultaneously explore sound experienced in the human mind and the controlled chaos we call harmony. 


This inter-disciplinary performance is free and part of the special program of the Babygirl Movement Exhibtion currently on display at Batterijstraat 7 in Maastricht. 

Please be on time, audience of 25-30 persons maximum. 

graphic design by Jerome Hendricks


In my dreams I am an eagle,

In my dreams I am a king. 

In my dreams I am the downfall,

But while I fall I sing.


In my dreams you are the ambush,

The light of night and day,

In my dreams you are the arrow,

The fire of dismay.


In my dreams I am the sunrise,

.. Dusk and dawn I say;

In my dreams I am the lady, 

Of tomorrow and yesterday.


In my dreams I fight and weave you

Into the sorrow of my mind.

In my dreams I find and leave you,

In my dreams I'm never blind.


In my dreams the stars are falling

As they settle in the soil.

In my dreams I run and save you,

From ever impending turmoil.


In my dreams I rest an eagle, 

In my dreams I am the King.

No, my dreams I'll never give you

In my dreams you cannot live.





Wednesday 28th of March, 20:00 - 22:00

Batterijstraat 7, Maastricht



A night with show, glam, murk, grief and joy. 


A night with well-known films and unknown films.

All this beauty under guidance of a viewer-stimulating bite and drink. 


Maximum of 10 seats. Please register via email to babygirlmovement@gmail.com



Per seat 10 euro's incl. bites and drinks.   


Hosted by Lady Louise alter-ego of artist Simone Schuffelen. 

graphic design by Jerome Hendricks

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Babygirl Movement

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